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Vacant staging

Vacant staging is the process of furnishing a property that has no furniture or personal items. The main aim is to display the potential of the space and assist potential buyers in visualizing how the rooms can be used and furnished. Stagers bring in furniture, decor, and accessories to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of the home. This thoughtful arrangement not only emphasizes the property's features and layout but also creates an inviting and appealing ambiance, sparking the imagination of potential buyers. The ultimate goal is to present a unified, appealing, and market-ready space that stands out in listings and draws a wider range of interested buyers.

Vacation Rentals

Staging a vacation rental can be a lot of work if it’s something you’ve never done before. It takes time and thought. There’s a lot that goes into it so hopefully we can help make your vacation rental staging process a little bit easier. If you’re looking to stage your vacation rental property, there are several ways to go about it. You can do it yourself if you have an eye for design and enjoy picking out home decor.

Alternatively, you can hire Step By Stage Interiors services that specializes in staging vacation rentals.

We can furnish and decorate the entire house from top to bottom!

e-design boards

E-Design Boards for staging homes are virtual vision boards, capturing the envisioned style, color palette, and overall atmosphere for a staged space. They gather images of recommended furniture, decor, fabrics, and color swatches that resonate with the desired staging design. These visuals help designers and clients collaborate effectively, bringing to life a cohesive and inviting staging that transforms the space into a charming, market-ready home.

Pre-listing Consultation

A prelisting staging consultation is crucial before listing a property. It assesses the property's state, layout, and staging needs. Stagers advise on decluttering, repairs, paint, furniture, and decor to enhance appeal. This shapes a strategic plan to showcase the home, making it more marketable for a quicker sale at a higher value, captivating buyers right from the start.

Our services provide an instant 'WOW!' with our guarantee of a stunning first impression. We bring a higher quality designer look to elevate your space, providing a competitive edge in the market. Our team, equipped with interior design expertise, ensures rapid and remarkable project execution. Get set to stand out and sell fast with our expert styling!

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